Saturday, May 21, 2011

Court Reporting at Home (CRAH) Program

I highly recommend Court Reporting at Home (CRAH) program.  Why?  First, I can't find one person who has anything negative to say about it.  Second, I believe it to be the only NCRA approved program that is specifically developed for home study. Third, the entire program is only about $5,000, which is less than a single tuition payment at a vocational school.

I purchased the CRAH program (see photo) used for $450.  I was lucky to come across it, and from what I read on the first page of the theory manual (the blue binder), a person is not allowed to resell the material.

The program included the theory manual--which contains 20 lessons, the practice and reference manual (white binder), necessary academic material on law, medical terms, etc. (the black binder), and 20+ CDs which contain dictation tests/practice for the theory lessons and speed building dictation practice (60 to 225 WPM).  I also received 2 StenEd books, but I'm not too sure if they were part of the original program.


  1. Hi, where can you purchase CRAH program used? I haven't come across any on EBay and would like to purchase. Would you be selling the lower speed ones out first when you complete them?

  2. Shania,
    I've only seen the CRAH program once on Ebay and it was selling for $1500 or $1800. You might try a google search of craig's list because that's how I found my copy. Well, actually I was looking for a steno machine and responded to a craig's list ad. They happen to mention that they had some "self-study materials". It turned out to be CRAH. Like I said luck.

  3. Sierra M
    I was wondering did you finish your course? Do you know of anyone selling a CRAH used?

  4. What's your status on this? Did you complete the training? Are you licensed?